Checking site for dead links on Mac

Using Mac, Integrity does a grand job as dead link checker.

I use Drupal for creating websites, and till recently hadn’t found a way to check for dead links.
– Though since writing this article, started with Link Checker module, and finding it great.

The free broken link checker at dead-links [itself dead now?!] not working for me: trying domain (which should lead to home page), simply gave up and reported 404 error – not found.

Firefox allows link checking, but seems to be page by page: you visit a page, then check links. Could take a very long time w some of my sites.

I read of software called Xenu, but for Windows.

Happily, discovered Integrity – this is a broken link checker for Mac. (Donationware)

I find this does a grand job with my sites.

Can run it, and opt to show only bad links. It then seems to assume you have Dreamweaver created site; so you can edit a page with a bad link.

Initially, this meant I found it tough to visit each page with a bad link – in order to correct/delete link, via web browser. But, I then saved Integrity file as html; could then open the file in browser, and links then clickable: so, I can click on a link to page with bad link, opening it in a new tab, and then edit link in Drupal.

Takes some time if many links, but effective.

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  1. More of Websites dead links websites
    Yeah, because of dead-links . com unavailability I was looking for a link validator tool too and found this one:
    The cool thing is that this one can show you the exact piece of HTML where your particular broken link sits!

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