Reply To: Global warming solutions? – geo-engineering? PV cells?


also from BBC:

A report for the RSPB, written by the Institute for European Environmental Policy, said that with an effective planning system, the UK could greatly increase onshore wind development without damaging nature conservation.

Ruth Davis, head of climate change policy at the RSPB, said it was in favour of such an expansion because of the "truly terrifying" impact that global warming was increasingly having on birds.

"Left unchecked, climate change threatens many species with extinction," she said.

"Yet that sense of urgency is not translating into actions on the ground to harness the abundant wind energy around us."

"We must reduce the many needless delays that beset wind farm developments," Ms Davis said.

"This report shows that if we get it right, the UK can produce huge amounts of clean energy without time-consuming conflicts and harm to our wildlife.

"Get it wrong and people may reject wind power. That would be disastrous.