Well, there’s much debate re authenticity of the photos; and begins to look like they’re fakes.

The Times has article, inc:

Some internet critics cited irregular effects of lighting and focus, saying that the colour of the tiger’s fur looked unreal and too shiny to be authentic.

Fu Dezhi, a botanist from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, voiced doubts about the vegetation in the photograph, saying that it would be unusual to find a leaf of a size similar to the one that obscured much of the tiger’s head. “I have never discussed whether this is a real tiger because that issue is not my specialty,” he wrote in a blog. “But based on my botanical expertise . . . this is just a ‘paper tiger’.”

First picture of endangered cat in 30 years may be a paper tiger

So, how would you take a fake shot, that actually shows a paper tiger? See this page – informative and entertaining even if you can’t read Chinese: