Reply To: Global warming confusing for idiots


Griffin has since expressed some regret re his remarks, said the world is clearly warming.

But, there’s clearly no shortage of high profile idiots ready to spout nonsense on the issue. Here’s another:

A theology professor who speaks for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation says global warming isn’t all bad.

Professor Calvin Beisner noted that carbon dioxide emissions blamed for global warming also enhance plant growth, which will help feed the world’s poor.

Beisner said the plants and animals that died for mankind’s sin in Noah’s flood were compressed into the fossil fuels we now burn to fuel growth.

He compared that to Jesus dying, being buried and then resurrected to give people new life.

He said, “Added carbon dioxide from fossil fuels isn’t pollution — it’s part of the solution to human poverty and to the thriving of the whole Earth.”

Theology Professor Says Global Warming Isn’t All Bad