Reply To: Great start then horror for England in Perth in ashes 2006


The test is over now, with over half a day to spare. Good batting performance by England, but not enough to save the game.

Maybe Australia were so strong the’d have beaten any England side but – Earth to Duncan Fletcher – if you’re going to play in the Ashes, you really should pick your best players.

Adding to the errors resulting from self-delusion (and Fletcher being pig-headed, said Botham) I noted above:

Geraint Jones instead of Read – did ok as keeper, but missed stumping and went for a catch that wasn’t his in Aus second innings. Most lamentable, was supposedly in for his batting, and something re his temperamant – yet when big moments came, proved sadly wanting, bagging golden duck in this test (his last?).

Even before this series began, Geoff Boycott thought Duncan Fletcher past his best as England coach, time for new blood.
Proven correct; i’ve seen Brian Close said Fletcher should go.