Reply To: England walloped in Ashes 2006 second test


Yikes – trounced 5-0 in the Ashes series; first whitewash in over 80 years, and read that the team that had lost 5-0 before at least took one test to 6 days (those were timeless tests), so this team’s efforts even more feeble.
Somehow, good players, yet never firing as a team – while the Aussies just plain formidable.

England also demolished in 20-20, and first one-day international; now hoping that can do better vs Kiwis tomorrow, but really, not looking good, esp with Pietersen out injured.

World Cup prospects look horribly, horribly bleak. As article in Telegraph noted, one-day cricket has been played in England since 1962 – yet our one-day international side looks abysmal.
We’ve heard of Fletcher and co wanting to focus on tests, pulling players out of county matches to do so. That strategy hasn’t worked.
Aussies strong in all forms of the game; and as I heard a commentator say, their strength in one-days helped too in tests: not so prone to hit ball to fielders, or become utterly becalmed.