Reply To: England walloped in Ashes 2006 second test


Almost the third test, and I’ve posted to another place (Simon Hughes’ blog on torygraph website):

It’ll of course take more than a little fly swatting (and bluebottle’s a kind of fly, in blightly at least), but better than letting em swarm all over the place.

England need to win 2 of 3 – meaning that gotta take the game to the Aussies, as happened in long ago 2005 summer. Better to try this and lose, perhaps, than just faff about with dead bats n pads or whatever.

I barely know Shah, but seems worth considering for attitude.
Likewise a few other positive selections needed. Read surely deserves a go, say. And, of course, Panesar.
Harmison doesn’t seem up for the fight.
If only one change before next test, I’ll watch, but perhaps with same horrified fascination as last time, esp that last day.