Another person’s comment on the Anatidae and H5N1 paper:

We still try to understand this article.
But also have feelings – a lot of interesting assumptions, little
factual evidences.

According authors H5N1 outbreak in Romania and Turkey poultry started
early October 2005. I’m not specialist, but I have serious doubts,
if serious amount of ducks already in this time arrive so far south
and west for wintering.

After 2-4 month silence – new powerful outbreaks in Ukraine,
Dagestan (it is northern part of the Caspian sea), Azerbaijan.
Again poultry sector affected + more or less visible amount of swans in Azerbaijan.
As I understand, limited amount of samples from wild birds was positive.
Millions domestic birds are dead. Millions wild birds quite
successful survive in very cold winter.

After, already in late winter-spring 2006 some amount H5N1 in wild
birds (mostly swans) in Europe. It create most media panic.
Actually no serious veterinary problems in poultry sector (with some rare exceptions).
As I understand – very limited amount of H5N1 positive wild birds
was registered. Or EU AI wild birds monitoring system simple not work?

Spring 2006 – full scale avian flu panic in Russia. Danger!
H5N1 with wild birds from Europe come back and will infect
whole European part of the Russia!

Until this moment – zero cases H5N1 positive wild and
domestic birds in Central and North European part of the Russia.

Yes, wide scale vaccination was implemented. But efficiency of vaccine
is doubtful and vaccination include only part of the domestic birds.
As concern biosecurity, especially in small farm and among local peoples
– forget it. Wild and domestic birds meet together everywhere.

Some monitoring of the H5N1 in wild birds – nothing was discovered.
Good luck.

Yes, quite serious avian flu outbreak in wild birds in 2006 summer in Tuva
(close to Mongolia and China). Some H5N1 antibodies positive wild birds (including this year ducklings) was discovered in Omsk,Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk region (it is southern part of Central Siberia)

This moment it is all.

And where is this horrible long distance flying death?
Only sparrows from China instead.