Also among reports inc bar-headed goose farming/artificial rearing.
Again, notice chicken farming too – here major increase, so presumably demand for chickens from other places.

“Lhasa City made to seize the opportunity to develop its railway industry”

This year, the city of Lhasa City on the economy of the farming and
animal husbandry zone focus, seize the historical opportunity to open
the Qinghai-Tibet railway, will further optimize the industrial
structure, vigorously develop animal husbandry zone industries.

Vigorously develop animal husbandry in rural areas and peri-urban
farming. Further accelerate dairy cow breeding base building, and
consolidate their existing dairy cow breeding bases, completed more
than 2,000 head of quality dairy cow imported. Completing the “double
hundred” breeding base-building, namely : the 6,672 jobs cards, Lin
Zhou 1 million only two counties Tibet Lhasa white chicken and
chicken-scale breeding bases and 100 million chickens base. Long
himself in sand, Dazi, Qushui, Chengguan District, pig breeding base
building, completed 100,000 sheep units short fattening cattle.
Develop aquaculture and other aquaculture industry in Qushuixian
building layer breeding base in a 6,672-card counties Bantouyan [=bar-headed goose]
breeding base, the use of local reservoirs, wetlands development of
fisheries and breeding. In Lhasa, the development of bee-keeping
demonstration households Qushuixian 50 households.