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I roll on the floor laughing
Just a couple of quick questions for you, since you seem able to provide the answers.

1. Has the H5N1 virus even been isolated from a human via purification and not PCR?

2. What viral load of H5N1 is lethal for humans?

3. Has viral load been measured in any confirmed human deaths?[/quote]

Oh, I hate to do this but, Why not ask the families of those who have been confirmed, by PCR no doubt, who did die of H5N1?

Well, they do detect antibodies..,

And, the virus is NOT directly identifiable in post mortem tissue testing..,

As far as PCR goes, I do beleive it’s a recommended way of identifying influenza virus. After all it is used to do so for all major types of flu.
From this article:

Comes this note:
“METHODS: Case notes of 12 patients with virus-culture-confirmed influenza A H5N1 infection were analysed. ” Confirmation by purification (I presume you mean filtration?) no, but culture in appropriate virus medium is indicated.

Does mono-clonal antibody immunoassay count?
From this article:

Comes this statement:
“On 9 May 1997, a previously healthy 3-year-old boy.., the child died on 21 May with several complications, including respiratory failure, renal failure, and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. The isolate, designated A/Hong Kong/156/97, was typed as an influenza A virus by means of monoclonal antibodies to viral nucleoprotein in an immunofluorescence test.”

Viral load required to kill humans? Okay, who’s going to volunteer to be the guinea pig to determine that?

There’s plenty of literature on lethal dose in human analogues, e.g., MICE, FERRETS, PIGS, and now CATS. And of course, there’s plenty of information on Chickens, eh??? Ducks have been studied too.

WEh, well, I think you get my point. If you want to read the articles on the lethal dose I think if you do a little creative Googling, you’ll find plenty.

I don’t think we’re being sold a bill of goods.

You’re linkages to dioxins, radioactive contamination, and heavy air pollution being related to conspiracy of big industry in collusion with would health organizations is just that: A “conspiracy theory.”