Looking like there are plans to halt bird nesting in places seen as dangerous for H5N1 in Russia. As pointed out in one of items here, this could well have unforeseen negative consequences.

The prepared By rospotrebnadzorom detailed plan of measures for the
preventive maintenance of bird influenza in the territory of Russia
has as a goal the non-admission of nesting migratory birds in the
territory RF. On this, as transmits correspondent IA regnum, stated
today, on 7 March, in Moscow the general director of the center of
the protection of wild nature of Aleksey zimenko.

As noted Zimenko, an attempt at the interference of man in the
natural course of events can lead to the appearance of unforeseen
situations. Bird will begin to search for refuge, leaving the
customary places of nesting, podranki and dead birds they will be
reached to crows and by vagrant animal, which will become the reason
for the approximation of virus to settlings of people. The general
director of the center of the protection of wild nature reminded one
that entire koshachiye they were sensitive to the viruses. With
respect to dogs there are no such data as yet.

Rospotrebnadzor attempts not to allow nesting migratory birds in the territory
RF: Center of the protection of wild nature

The authorities of Novosibirskaya Oblast are intended not to allow in
spring nesting migratory birds in the territory of region.

In the Novosibirskaya Oblast in the lake the vats – the millennial
natural incubator of young animals of migratory bird – with the
offensive of spring are intended to fire back and to frighten away by
noise of those arriving flying into the region from the warm it is
boundary feathered, which causes healthy skepticism in the hunters:
in the coastal reeds of vats millions of chickens, ducklings and
other young verdure of wild bird yearly are derived.

The plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russia in SFO
Anatoliy kvashnin at the conference about the measures for the
prevention of bird influenza stated that it is necessary to clearly
determine all populated areas, which are been located next to the
reservoirs, on which was possible the contact of wild and poultry.

d369cd]Provincial authorities are intended not to allow nesting the migratory birds[/url]

in the dangerous places is important not to allow nesting wild birds
by all existing means, it assumes. – throughout the entire territory
of Russia the most probable direction of the spread of bird influenza
precisely from Siberia. Since precisely through the regions of West
Siberia goes the mass overflight of wild birds.