and in southwest China:

Since 1985, more than 20 thousand red beak seagulls [= common black-headed gulls] travel from Siberia to the southern Yunnan city of Kunming to spend the winter. There, they are given food from the locals and they’ve been an indispensible part of the local life.

But this year, the fear of bird flu has made people hesitate getting close to the lovely birds, and more than 8000 birds have flown away due to the lack of food.

But, a test on the dead bird shows that it had starved and wasn’t carry the deadly virus.

Now for the remaining more than 10,000 birds, the following three months is a critical time during which they need to have enough food to prepare for their long migration back to Siberia.

The paper says many citizens cried at hearing the death of the bird, and they say they will again come out to provide food for their city’s precious guests.

Red Beak Seagull Starved due to Bird Flu Fear

Scaremongering re wild birds and H5N1 claims another victim.
So deeply sad that so many people have become scared of wild birds.