Mongolian customs officers did not pass into the country 300 kg of the Chinese chicken meat

On the Mongolian custom-house Of zamyn-Uude is avoided an attempt at
the import from China 300 kg of the meat of hen. On this on 24 March
to the correspondent IA REGNUM the colleague for the customs
administration of Mongolia described.

The point of the customs passage Of zamyn-Uude is located in the
southeastern part of the Mongolia. According to the customs officers,
in the course of the customs inspection of automobile “uaz-ya’9” it
is discovered by 300 kg of the meat of bird. “in connection with the
bird influenza the import of the meat of bird from China to Mongolia
is forbidden by Mongolian legislation, says the colleague of
custom-house. – for the transportation is necessary the special
permission, which in this case was not “.

Furthermore, customs officer described that in China the number of
patients with bird influenza increases, and the meat of bird, sold in
those infected by bird influenza territories, stands very cheaply how
use merchants

– some time ago, I suggested on a forum that areas infected by H5N1, and nearby areas, likely to have cheap poultry, which could be one reason for spread into new areas (buying chicken going cheep). Got pilloried for it, for reasons I don’t know [well, other than a Nimanist responding]; still seems likely to me.