Helen’s prompt reply:

That made me laugh!

I thought about sending you a copy of the piece, but it slipped my mind. Should have known if someone was maligning birds you would see it!

You are in a dwindling club, I am afraid. Your fellow bird folk are very worried.

I shall stay tuned,


– and mine to this:

I’m worried too; but don’t believe all’s certain yet.
Conjuring X-Files Birds is a bit like having fudge factors in physics, for gaps in knowledge that can’t be explained.
Could also moot X-Files Traders, with cheep poultry (vaccinated?) from areas hit by h5n1.

Watching with immense interest as we move towards end of autumn (mid to end of next month), when more cold tolerant geese, swans etc into winter quarters. If wild birds really spreading it around, surely should be plenty more outbreaks with strong links to wild birds; till now, a great many birds have moved, across great swathe of Eurasia, but outbreaks v few.

All the best,