Scientific American blogger (editor of the magazine) made post with sume criticisms of evolutionary biology and flu at:

Don’t Fear The (Bird) Reaper

led to detailed responses: Bird Reaper, Pt II: Wendy Orent replies

Bird Reaper, Pt III: Paul Ewald replies

Above replies give useful info re evolutionary biology. I just fired off something simpler:

C’mon, the post with the muddled stuff about H5N1 and evolutionary biology’s a red herring. The real issue’s surely the remarkable Lindsay Beyerstein – remarkable not so much for her blog posts but because (from the photo), Dang, She’s Hot!

Otherwise, what with extensively citing an anonymous muddleheaded blogger who bandies big words about in sentences without clear conclusions (or, to demonstrate his belief in Unintelligent Design?) would suggest you were making a contribution to what the November Esquire calls Idiot America. Toodlepip (from citizen but not currently resident of UK, which has faults but at least doesn’t need Oprah to explain global warming)