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      Just emailed Now TV, in Hong Kong [since when things have improved I believe]:

      I have the cricket channel – called espn star sports cricket live "live" means action as it happens, right?

      There's an international match being played right now – England vs Sri Lanka; yet the "live" tv is repeat of England vs India game from the English summer.

      Why not call the channel Star Sports Cricket Sometimes Live But Often Repeats? – or, better still, show live matches when possible.


        Reply from Now TV:


        With regards to your message, we are sorry to learn of your
        disappointment to our Cricket Channel. Please be adivsed that your
        valuable feedback has already been channeled back to the relevant
        department for further review . Rest assured we would use it as
        reference to future improvement, and make necessary enhancement to
        ensure such quality standard is met.


          My main int team is England; recently played series in Sri Lanka, now in New Zealand – yet none of the matches aired on the rather crappy ESPN Star Sports Cricket “Live” (haha) channel. Just turned on lest today’s 20-20 match shown – but no, was yet another repeat.

          This month, get some international matches from Australia, plus bunch of domestic matches from Australia (kind of ok if nothing of higher level to show, but that’s not the case), and under 19 “world cup” (inc Papua New Guinea team).
          Might be ok if a cheap channel – but get charged a premium price; premium price should merit premium content.


            I emailed Now TV with comment rather as above; reply here:

            With regards to your message, we are sorry that the series of England vs
            New Zealand is under our now TV coverage. Rest assured that your
            valuable feedback has already been channeled back to relevant department
            for further review in order to improve our service level and provide
            customers with the best possible service in future.

            For your information, the Tri-Nation series in Australia and also the
            “ICC Under-19 Cricket World cup” are available on now TV.


              Sent Now TV another stroppy missive re their crappy “live” cricket channel, where it seems live tv has vanished lately.
              Had reply, inc this schedule for forthcoming matches that will be shown.

              England v New Zealand Test
              (3 Tests, 1 Twenty20 and 5 One-Day Internationals)

              May 2008

              ICC Asia Cup

              June 2008

              England v South Africa Test
              (4 Tests, 1 Twenty20 and 5 One-Day Internationals)

              July – September 2008

              Australia v Bangladesh
              (2 Tests, and 3 One-Day Internationals)

              August – September 2008

              ICC Champion’s trophy

              Sept 2008

              Australia v New Zealand
              (2 Test, 5 One-Day Internationals, 1 Twenty20)

              November 2008

              Australia v South Africa
              (3 Tests, 5 One-Day Internationals)

              December 2008 – January 2009

              ICC World Cup Qualifier

              April 2009

              England v Zimbabwe
              (2 Tests, 3 One-Day Internationals)

              May – June 2009

              Twenty20 World Cup

              May 2009

              Emailed back, saying:
              Well, this looks better.

              But still hardly inspired.
              I’m interested in the England – NZ/S Africa matches over the summer. Not too excited by schedule for coming winter.

              Seems there are no cricket fans working at the channel.


              Just sent this to Now TV:

              After complaining re the cricket channel, can now note that over this summer, seems considerably improved: instead of so much recorded material, seeing quite a bit of live cricket, including some significant matches.
              Hope this is indeed part of a real improvement.

              – albeit things not perfet; no India vs Sri Lanka series, say.


                is the upcoming india australia 2008 series will be shown live on star sports………


                I don’t know; you’d think so, given should be massive interest among cricket fans in this region

                Had quick look on official websites (espnstar, and now tv), but didn’t readily find info on this. (Glad to see an English county championship game on schedule – otherwise, only seen domestic one day games on Star Cricket "Live"; tho of course reckon international games more important).
                Might be best to email Now TV.

                For my part, hoping to see some of England vs India this winter.

                Also the Stanford megabucks match in West Indies; but not at all sure re this.


                  Glad to see a cricket fan around in hong kong.

                  I was going to subscribe to this channel before, however it is quite costly for a single channel and I can’t find a lot of live matches therefore I have yet to subscribe it.

                  If they have the australian domestic league with australian test and ODI series and of coure the Ashes series, I might consider…

                  P.S. don’t think Now TV knows much about cricket as I’ve asked several operators and they do not have much clues, I suppose it is not the most popular sport in hong kong


                    we (Indians) and rest of the world will miss Saurav Ganguly for rest of his life. Thankyou you Saurav for your great contribution to Indian cricket.


                    Just received from Now Broadband TV:

                    after confirmed with the content provider, we would like to inform that the following

                    series will be shown on Cricket channel :


                    -Australian Domestic Cricket , 2008 Ford Ranger Cup

                    -New Zealand Tour of Australia 2008 , 3 Mobile Test Series

                    -South Africa in Australia – 3 Test Matches, 5 One Day Internationals


                    -South Africa in Australia 3 Test Matches; 5 One Day Internationals; 1


                    -Australia vs New Zealand – 5 One Day Internationals

                    -Australia vs New Zealand – International Twenty20

                    -Sri Lanka in England – 2 Test Matches, 3 One Day Internationals

                    -ICC World T20 – 27 Matches

                    -Australia in England – 5Test Matches 7 One Day Internationals

                    -Champions League T20 – 23 Matches

                    -ICC Champions Trophy – 15 Matches

                    -Pakistan in Australian – 3 Test Matches, 5 One Day Internationals

                    -West Indies in Australia – 3 Test Matches


                    After receiving schedule for rest of this year, and 2009, I sent the following to Now TV:

                    Thanks for this info.

                    Looks like Australia fans will be well catered for!

                    As an England fan, I have some time to wait before matches of much 

                    interest to me.

                    Still, at least this means there will be some decent live cricket, not 

                    just lots of repeats.

                    just received:

                    From your message, we totally understand your concern, please be

                    informed that we have collected the voices of our customers and raised

                    out our concern to the Content Provider, please rest assured that we are

                    constantly looking to provide the best programming for our audience.


                    Just commented on Facebook re lamentable quality of ESPN Star Sports Cricket channel here in Hong Kong – suggesting it may be the world’d worst cricket channel.

                    A friend replied:

                    ESPN Cricket are so crap. I can’t believe they haven’t shown any of the games from SA and are still repeating the SA tour of Australia!



                      If you haven’t twigged by now, they only show cricket that takes place in certain countries.


                      Everything that happens outside of those countries is not going to be broadcast.

                      Could be because of rights issues, maybe India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, SA, WI all have their own deals with overseas broadcasters?


                        i just cannot believe this channel have given another shot of commentary to harsha bhogle and alan wilkins,i mean compere–ring and interview-ing wise no doubts they are two of the best in the cricketing world but gads give me a break, actual commentating on a live match a big NO NO they have been found out to be very very limited in the knowledge and dynamics of the game, and its an insult to experts and former players of the calibre of shastri,sunny,boycott,raja,wasim and co by putting them in the same box.their standard line are “what a catch,..shot, its a four..six” which everyone can see and they sometimes seem to forget that they are commentating on a live match and not doing an interview by talking incessantly even in between balls which is very distracting and annoying……so my advice is ..stick to what you are best at and leave the rest to the experts


                        After perhaps a couple of years with ESPN Star Sports Cricket channel managing pretty good live coverage, become utterly pathetic again for past few months. Just sent this email:

                        Where is the "Live" cricket on the Cricket channel?

                        England now playing Sri Lanka; all you have is a recorded minor match.

                        Earlier, too, there was international cricket this winter, but not on the "Live" channel.

                        Will you waive fees for months when international matches are being played, but you don't show them?





                        Had this reply from Now TV, suggesting they weren't aware of the issue, hmm….

                        With regards to your message, we understand your concern on the live

                        match of cricket channel. To further address your concerns, please allow

                        us to look into the matter with our concerned parties and once the

                        result has been released, I shall get back to you by email as soon as






                        A further reply from Now TV:

                        After consulting with the parties concern, please be informed the

                        upcoming schedule of key cricket line-up with you:

                        Event                                                 Channel           




                        West Indies tour of England        STAR Cricket (Ch 674)                

                        May–June 2012

                        Australia tour of England             STAR Cricket (Ch 674)             

                        June–July 2012

                        South Africa tour of England        STAR Cricket (Ch 674)               

                        July – Sep 2012

                        ICC T20 World Cup                      STAR Cricket (Ch 674)            

                        Sep – Oct 2012

                        Champions League Twenty20      STAR Cricket (Ch 674)                 Oct






                        After couple of emails to Now TV people – firstly after I turned on first India – England test match and finding commentary in Indian – I asked about HD, which I see Star TV supplies in India. This reply:

                        Dear Dr. Martin Williams,


                        With regards to your message, we understand your concern on HD Cricket

                        Channels matter. Upon receipt your message, we have immediately

                        forwarded your valuable feedback to our concerned programme content team

                        for their evaluation.


                        call our now TV Customer Service Hotline 1833 888.

                        Yours sincerely,

                        Yen Wong

                        now TV Customer Service

                        Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited

                        (for and on behalf of PCCW Media Limited)


                          Never mind the commentary, it was the same blessed adverts at the end of every over that used to drive me nuts… I couldn’t take it anymore !


                          Once again, an issue with Now TV's cricket channel. As I emailed:

                          I subscribe to the cricket channel; expect Live cricket when possible.

                          Right now, there's an England vs Australia match.

                          You've shown 2 matches in this series; this is third one – so why not showing this match.

                          Why just repeats, when there's a Live match to show?

                          More woeful customer service from Now TV?

                          A friend also emailed a complaint; received this cc'd effort at response:

                          Regarding your messages, we understand your concern for the commentary

                          for the channel # 674 (Star Cricket)  and the ''Australia vs England –

                          Carlton Mid ODI Series'' on 19 Jan 2014. We are sorry for any

                          inconvenience this may caused to you.

                          After checking with our record, kindly be informed that the Star Cricket

                          channel #674 is showing ''2013 Ireland vs England Rsa'' at 12:00. For

                          the other channels under FOX Sports, including Channel #670 (FOX

                          Sports), #671 (Star Sports), #672 (Fox Sports Plus) are showng

                          ''Australian Open 2014'' (Tennis).

                          Rest assured that we have passed your message to the marketing

                          department to follow up. Please accept our heartfelt apologies regarding

                          the broadcasting matter. Once we received the updated information, we

                          would get back to you shortly.

                          For the feedback about the commentary used in the channel and programme.

                          We would like to reflect your suggestion to the related party. Please

                          advise us your now TV account number and your full registered name in

                          the coming email. We would immediately pass your messages and

                          suggestions to the related department for further assistance.

                          Thank you for your understanding and good day.

                          To which I wrote back:

                          Yes, I know what's being shown on the cricket channel; this is not Live coverage.

                          Getting back to me "shortly" will be of little use given the England vs Australia match is already half way through.

                          As noted, woeful service, and not caring about viewers.


                          After more emails to and fro with Now TV, and noticing it's no longer titled with "Live" but is Star Cricket, info from Now TV includes:


                          Please kindly informed that Star Cricket only has the rights for Cricket

                          in England, Australia, India, Bangladesh and all the ICC World Cricket

                          Events. We will keep on review the entertainment of the channels. In

                          order to enchance our channels quality, We will forward your message to

                          dedicated department as reference of future improvement. Thank you.

                          Besides, after checking with our related department, please kindly note

                          that the cricket match – England tour of South Africa will not be shown

                          on Star Cricket becasue Ten Cricket owns the rights for international

                          cricket in South Africa.


                          Another day, another email with complaint to NowTV:

                          Cricket channel says now should be England vs India

                          Instead, got Aus vs Pakistan [continuing]

                          Can you get it changed, fast?

                          This also seems a case for using the other cricket channel, at 675: they can readily show two matches at once.

                          But really, NowTV doesn’t care about this channel or customers it seems.

                          Reply came around 12 hours later – albeit had to wait till office hours; too late by far, and with a whole lot of hurdles for me to jump before NowTV would do anything:


                          Thank you for emailing Now TV.

                          With regard to your message, we are sorry to learn of the your situation

                          when watching our Now TV channel, please accept my sincere apologies for

                          any inconvenience caused.

                          In order to follow up your concern, please be invited to provide the

                          following information, so that we could locate and look into the related

                          issue accrodingly, thank you.

                          – Related Now TV account number

                          – Register’s full name

                          – Register’s HKID/ passport number (first 4 digit, excluding the initial

                          English character of your HKID/passport number)

                          **If you could not provide the Now TV account number, please provide us

                          for your HKID / passport in FULL digits/numbers for our verification,

                          thank you.**

                          – The screen capture of related programme (Please provide it if you

                          have, so that we could take further investigation effectively.)

                          (**Please however be aware that our Company is not responsible for any

                          consequence arising from or incidental to the data transmission through

                          email including loss and tampering of data. Alternatively, you may

                          contact our Consumer Service Hotline 1000 or provide with us your

                          contact number, our Customer Service Representative will soon contact

                          you to offer further assistance. Thank you.**)

                          Please be assured that we would further take care of your concerns once

                          received your prompt reply, thank you for your kind understanding and



                          sincere apology.


                          請撥打Now TV客戶服務專線1833 888。

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