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Not BB ii

Not BB ii

The magazine for the serious birdspotter, Vol II I’d upped and left for the Far East…

Not BB i – birding humour

Not BB i – birding humour

What a great pleasure this is, to invite myself to introduce the welcome rerun (Surely, totally unnecessary…

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Anti-science idiocy threatens catastrophic consequences

For this week’s science column, I was all set to write of new discoveries about the…


Solar System Weirdness inc Diamond Rain and Ice Volcanoes

At the end of December 2013 came news that NASA has ideas for a novel robotic…

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Travel tales

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

The host of celebrities who have stayed at Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel include Noel Coward, the…


Sri Lanka Wildlife and Culture Travel Tale

This is a perfect, tropical morning. With the sun just rising, palm trees cast long shadows…

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