Migrating Mambo to Joomla 1.0.11

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    Martin W

      Just migrating this site’s Mambo section (there are also some “regular” pages, made w Dreamweaver) to Joomla! cms.

      I’d migrated an earlier site, following instructions at:
      Migrating to Joomla! from Mambo
      – there, supposed to create a new folder with Joomla!, test if that worked, then move files over to where had the Mambo installation.
      But when I tried this, my Mambo site stopped working.

      So this time, to save some time, just over-wrote Mambo files via ftp.
      – as my host server not lightning fast, I did this folder by folder: so, “dropped” contents of administrator, say, into my Mambo administrator.
      This way – it seems! (not yet checked everything) – replaced files and folders; but also, retained files and folders that are additional to Mambo/Joomla!, such as extra components, modules, images etc etc.

      (Working the recommended way, would have to copy these files and folders over to Joomla install, which I found a bit of a pain during previous migration.)

      Was a hiccough when went to administrator: log-in page was for Mambo, and the admin pages were mostly blank.
      But, the instructions told of a file to convert SQL database from Mambo to Joomla!, and said this was needed for administrator to work.
      I opened this file (in a text editor), and via phpmyadmin ran this as an SQL “query” – after which, administration looks ok.

      Right, now to do some more re migration: need security changes, such as turning off regisiter globals. Also, this forum to switch from Simpleboard to Joomlaboard – so removing an auto spam posting problem that’s hit me at times. And, aim to move from Gallery 1.5 to Gallery 2.

      Martin W

        Some days later:

        I had a torrid time after making the above post!

        Spent hours as found and “wrestled with” major problems.

        After things seemed ok, and installed Joomlaboard, and OpenSEF (to replace Xaneon Extensions), the site just stopped working.
        Visiting site, pages just blank, or showing brief text like “Welcome to DocMartin” and nothing else.

        I couldn’t figure why – was it problem with URLs: tried purging all “friendly” URLs, but still no good. Couldn’t see if an issue with Joomlaboard.

        Thought perhaps a Joomla file or several hadn’t uploaded properly – and started using FTP to re-transfer several of these, after checking dates listed for files on server (some seemed to have not been changed).
        Still no use until, at last, tried one main index.php – and suddenly, all was well: Phew!

        All well, that is, with main Joomla!
        Joomlaboard here for some reason has problems when to list forums and categories: error messages on top; and last post dates (in forums) all from 1969. Looked at Joomlaboard forums; seems such errors fairly common, but no solutions posted. I’ve posted about this, too; had brief reply, but as yet no solution.

        Also followed by installing Gallery 2.1 and G2 Bridge: took some time, but went well, and seems a good improvement – inc for gallery appearance. (Importantly, too, works with Gd editor: my host has disabled things needed for other editors as security measure, so been a while since I’ve added photos.)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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