Reply To: Hong Kong PCCW Now TV Cricket Channel service still dire


After bit of delay, email to PCCW:

Thanks for the more detailed response.
Late reply, as headed to UK.
Well, ok that you say taken comments seriously; but will only believe this if see change for the better.
Latter in SCMP, below, is further proof that your service has been dire for a long time; and already had requests for improvements falling on deaf ears, with useless uncaring PCCW management just wanting money for almost nothing.

Cricket fans let down by Now TV channel

I agree with correspondents who have complained about the standard of cricket coverage provided by Now TV. I have been complaining to them for years, but to no avail.

I told them how expensive it is to subscribe to the channel and if two important matches were being played on the same day, they needed to show them simultaneously on two channels, yet they have only one.

I even phoned India’s Star Sports used by Now TV and was told they would send a message to the relevant department.

Now TV should also use the UK’s Sky Cricket or Willow TV from the US, which also shows cricket.

Sapkota Madan Hari, Kennedy Town