Reply To: Hong Kong PCCW Now TV Cricket Channel service still dire


I was asked to send ID card number etc; did so with email adding more info:

It’s woeful that the issue was not fixed shortly after I complained.

Should be someone responsible for the cricket channel, ensuring it shows

best possible matches; and is showing what’s on schedule.

– along with being able to switch promptly to correct content when 

there’s an error.

This in turn should be blindingly obvious.

But not happening with the cricket channel; seems just a money grab by 

Now TV with noone in management actually caring in the slightest about 

customer service.

[no management people will reply to this; probably none even involved as

you perhaps reply with bland message about “technical problem” that is 

just not believable; management just insulated from complaints and 


Message back; just a generic response, not addressing my emails [my emphasis]:

From your message, we are sorry to learn of your experience about the 

channel issue for cricket matches. With regards to your concern about 

the broadcast program on the channel 674, after investigation, we are 

sorry to inform you that the TV guide was not updated due to technical 

issue on 9 July and it has been fixed. Please accept our sincere 

apologizes for any inconvenient caused. We have feedback this issue to 

related department to avoid same situation. 

What complete nonsense! I’ve emailed back:

Thanks for your message.
This is utterly unacceptable.
As I noted, I do not believe there was a “technical issue”.
– you had started showing the England vs S Africa match, should have continued.
You did not respond to my email. 
Clearly, the Now TV management does not care at all about the cricket channel.
Or why interrupt a major match? – including, as it turned out, on the key day of the match?
This is woeful service.
Appalling management, that does not care about customer service or customers.
Grabbing money for this channel; without any attempt to deliver good product [when there are good matches shown, seems somewhat random]
Is there any way to reach management responsible; or totally insulated by customer service people with no power to make positive changes?