Reply To: No English language eBay in Hong Kong


    Hi, just found this site after spending hours online trying to

    1. register with Ebay HK. I tried the same about 5 years ago unsuccessfully. I tried it again in June 2011 and the site is still CRAP! I cannot believe or understand why an ENGLISH speaking company ( unable to provide an interface for Chinese speakers AND alternatively one for English speakers! Ebay HK doesn't even have to hire a translator! Just use the templates from SIMPLE!

    A 10-year old could develop a more efficient website than this! UNBELIEVABLE! After contacting "live" support (apparently from China and only available between narrow office hours!)without them providing any help ("Sorry, but Ebay HK is "currently" only available in Chinese!)

    I tried to register using Goggle translate. Even though the first registration page is in Chinese and some English all subsequent pages are in Chinese only! Unfortunately, Google translate didn't help much because when entering credit card information certain data cannot be copied and pasted into Google translate!

    2. I live in HK,Alibaba is available in English, Aliexpress is available in English,PayPal HK (an ebayHK company!)is available in English, I can also open a ProStores account (also an ebay company) BUT I CANNOT REGISTER WITH EBAY HK! RIDICULOUS!

    3. I also tried to find other contact information for Ebay HK, i.e. or mailing address… because I wanted to visit their office and speak to the management (or the lack of it!) NOTHING!!! Seem they are hiding from angry customers or people like myself who ares simply frustrated by such INCOMPETENCE!