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Few more words to last post (read up the story with the strange stork):

The Aggressor don’t come the last two nights to our nest, so as you can see – the storks are quite. We cannot to know if the strange stork will come back again (but it is possible).

Down is some photos how they try to throw the strange, adult stork. It was at 16 VII early morning.
You can see also the action in short video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccBWnqEJaCw

By the way – our youngs is ready to fly. They are now in 10 week from the day when first was hatched. So is good to try to see them, may be you will have the luck to see the first fly of them.

Best regards
Eva Stets

42139odstraszajamale.jpg 43420odstarszaja.jpg

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