Martin Williams wrote: "I’d thought this situation seemed custom made for Niman: fears re a pandemic; some info, but much unknown, many people wanting to find more – a ripe situation for fear-mongering.[ Seen that Niman has already announced a pandemic; not sure how many pandemics he has announced so far… Bet those acolytes who kept the flu faith are well excited."

    WHO declares swine flu pandemic June 11, 2009 – CBC.news Swine flu, or H1N1 influenza, has reached the pandemic level, the World Health Organization warned Thursday — marking the first time it has called a global flu epidemic in 41 years. "The world is moving into the early days of its first influenza pandemic in the 21st century," WHO’s director-general, Margaret Chan, announced in Geneva after consulting health experts in an emergency meeting." http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/06/11/swine-flu-virus-who-pandemic.html