Reply To: ESPN Star Sports Cricket Sometimes Live


    i just cannot believe this channel have given another shot of commentary to harsha bhogle and alan wilkins,i mean compere–ring and interview-ing wise no doubts they are two of the best in the cricketing world but gads give me a break, actual commentating on a live match a big NO NO they have been found out to be very very limited in the knowledge and dynamics of the game, and its an insult to experts and former players of the calibre of shastri,sunny,boycott,raja,wasim and co by putting them in the same box.their standard line are “what a catch,..shot, its a four..six” which everyone can see and they sometimes seem to forget that they are commentating on a live match and not doing an interview by talking incessantly even in between balls which is very distracting and annoying……so my advice is ..stick to what you are best at and leave the rest to the experts