Niman still spouting nuttiness; email just in from David:

Hello.  I’ve spoken to you a few times in the past, by email, about Henry Niman.  I REFUSE to put the word "Doctor" before his name.  I just found it amusing last week, to watch him and his "Nimanites", as you say (lol)…  GUESS at what an undiagnosed illness on the Prince of Wales island of Alaska, was.  Of course, we all know what Niman thought it was.  BIRD FLU!   Then comes ALL the speculation.  One member of the board will try to give a RATIONAL explanation of what it could be… and this person gets verbally assaulted by Niman.  So… apparently…  HIS word… is LAW.  He says its bird flu, and you DONT argue with him.  Right?  Well… what did it turn out to be?  Adenovirus 14.  A very NASTY… COLD!  That killed one person that already had an existing lung condition.  And was also elderly.  After this came out…  i actually saw a member on the board… THANKING Niman for all the "research" he did on this.  I’m like… THANK HIM FOR WHAT???  All he did was GUESS the same thing he ALWAYS guesses.  Bird flu.  Hes even got something about this Adenovirus 14 on his website, and STILL didnt even MENTION that as a possibility.  So, what do they THANK him for??  He belittles everyone that does NOT have the same opinion as him, and they THANK him.  I dont get it. I told him hes lucky i’m not a member of that board.  Cause if he smarted off to me the way he has some people…. hed be grabbing a dictionary looking  to see what all those words meant, that i called him!  Then i’d call him up and tell him off personally!   I wish i knew what this mans motive was…  what his PURPOSE is.  I emailed him once and told him if he knows so much and is so brilliant… then, come up with a VACCINE for bird flu, so we wont have to worry about it anymore.  Stop wasting your time sittin behind a computer typing bullshit commentaries and posting bullshit on message boards… and try to HELP the situation.  Apparently thats not what hes interested in.  Hes got another motive…. just not sure what, yet.    Anyway, i knew he wasnt one of your favorite people either, so i just wanted to verbally bash him, to someone that might appreciate it.  lol  Thanks for reading!