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Martin W

    No sign of an inadequate PR company at work (or corporate funding being spent) on videos by US science teacher Greg Craven. Loaded onto youtube, they’ve gone “viral” – with some millions of hits, plus discussion nurtured, and message re need for action re warming spread. According with point I made above, Craven argues there’s need for policy changes.

    The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See contains no fake blood, vampires, creepy talking dolls or spooks hiding in television sets. It’s a 10-minute lecture on global warming, delivered by a high school science teacher from Oregon, and it has swept the Web, generating millions of hits on multiple sites.

    It’s low-tech, low-quality and low-budget – Greg Craven, a 38-year-old father of two, shot it himself at his home in Monmouth, Ore., hopped up on Red Bull and Little Caesars pizza.

    “It’s my midlife crisis and my magnum opus, and my nervous breakdown and my enlightenment experience all rolled into one,” he says.

    Armed with a black marker and a whiteboard, Craven made an academic argument that went viral after he posted it on YouTube in June, generating nearly 3 million hits on the site. It now ranks among the most popular videos in the news and politics category.

    After completing his first video, he sifted through 5,000 critical comments to come up with a revised video, called How It All Ends, which links to five hours of explanatory videos.

    He spent $400 on energy drinks and another couple of hundred on pizza and McDonald’s $1 cheeseburgers. He filmed the segments at home with a camera on a tripod and his Mac.

    “He was definitely following his passion,” says his wife, a former primary school teacher who quit to stay at home with the kids. “He is the world’s most doting father and loves being with his kids more than anything in the world. He did it so that their world would be a better place, and I understood that.”

    U.S. science teacher is a Web sensation
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