Reply To: Damage to global environment could pass point of no return

Martin W

Post I’ve just made to NY Times; responding to article on Cato Institute report along lines of Lomborg’s utterances: warming willl have bad consequences, but we’ll become so much richer that no need to do anything to stop them.
Here, inc my belief that notions v wrong; could be economic tipping point, too, closing our window of opportunity to actually do anything re warming.

After reading much info re warming, I’ve come to believe that if we dither re action now (not sure why the dithering – fear?), we’ll find ourselves so busy dealing with the consequences, devoting so many resources to them, that will become unable to really tackle causes of global warming.

Witness, say, the tornadoes that just struck the US: can’t say for sure that a result of warming, but the kind of thing predicted, and which we’re likely to see more of. Response needed.

Increase frequency of such weather disasters – and organisations like OXfam already reporting significant increases – and could find it’s like trying to put out one fire after another, without energy/resources to tackle problems that have made many of those fires occur.

But, maybe a minority will be rich, relatively insulated; and Cao happy to pander to their ilk.