Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria

Martin W

Wired News has item on some guff from Rush Limbaugh – who’s evidently a right wing ranter who’s famous in the US – inc comment that, “we are so insignificant. We couldn’t cause global warming; we couldn’t cause global cooling; we can’t do diddly-squat. We’re just inhabitants here.”
Rush Limbaugh Takes On Quantum Physics (and Global Warming)

I’ve added comment, including:

If we humans are “just inhabitants”, wonder what Limbaugh might reckon to bacteria – heck, you can’t even see em, so what are those pinko liberal leftie scientists doing saying they transformed the early atmosphere and still have a huge impact? Sheesh!

this is not just being something theoretical to chat about: global warming an issue to affect everyone, no matter their political persuasion (one of dumbest things I’ve heard anyone tell me, was from woman saying she didn’t believe in global warming as she’s a conservative…)