Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria

Martin W

    From website called CitizenLink – where can also learn stuff such as re crisis over sexuality.
    Just some hint, here, that there’s alarmism among evangelicals as the science becomes stronger re global warming being real, and being really a problem.

    Evangelical Christians have radically different priorities from the rest of the country about the challenges the U.S. must confront in the next 10 years.

    This alone alarms me!

    According to a Barna poll, that’s especially true concerning global warming alarmism.

    Only about a third of evangelicals gave global warming “top priority” status. They rated the issue lower than any of the other 80 groups in the survey. Topping the priority list for evangelicals was the health of churches.

    Stuart Shepard, managing editor of CitizenLink, who is also a meteorologist, said major news outlets are largely to blame for the hype.

    “If people get their information from the mainstream media, they’re only hearing one side of this,” he told Family News in Focus. “There are top scientists and researchers who are skeptical of the outrageous claims about global warming and they make some solid science-based arguments, but you’d never know it from the evening news.”

    Now, surely evangelicals of all people should not be prone to being, errr, economical with the truth. For here’s a statement that comes without being substantiated – as indeed it can’t be, for as has been shown time and again, the vast majority of science on the issue shows that global warming as a result of greenhouse gases is real, and is really a problem.

    He said Focus on the Family Action has been strongly encouraging evangelicals to not allow global warming alarmism to become a defining or a dividing issue.

    “Most evangelicals do not and should not see this as an issue that would rise to the level of evangelism, the sanctity of life, and the protection of marriage and religious liberty.”

    hmm, so a few people among evangelicals who may have started thinking for themselves on the issue, reading some of the science, being told what to do – Come along, be good sheep, do as we say and never mind those scientist people, and those rising temperatures, and those signs that storms are increasing as glaciers and Arctic ice melt, there is trouble – and just maybe we are being woefully inept stewards of the Creation.

    Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said the poll doesn’t mean evangelicals are not interested in taking care of the planet.

    “Despite what the media may want to project upon evangelicals,” he said, “they understand that if we, as a nation, get the spiritual issues right and build strong marriages and families — most of the other problems will be solved.”

    I see – so if you happen to be in an area that’s struck by another major hurricane as the powerful cyclones increase, or you’re affected by long term drought or major floods, just make sure you have a strong family…
    Global Warming Not High on Evangelicals’ Priority List

    Hopefully, we’ll see more evangelicals start to use their brains, and start to realise that having stewardship over the creation means that should be able to look after it; and to do so, should change our ways. Changes predicted with warming will impact families far more than any action we might take to alleviate warming.
    Indeed, have to wonder: why is it that some prominent evangelical types seem so opposed to doing things that might benefit our planet, and future generations?

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