Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria

Martin W

    Seems the better the science underlying global warming, the greater the hysteria, with commentators trying to outdo themselves with stupidity of their prose.
    Carl Thomas (who he?) maybe saw the nuttiness re Nuremberg Trials, and decided he could do better. Here, from an article in Salt Lake Tribune, are couple of his loopiest sentences:

    Grown-up scientists, theologians, historians, archaeologists and others who pursue facts and objective truths are rooted in reality and constantly adjusting their conclusions, theories and hypotheses when new information comes to light. Those who ignore facts and cling to outdated information, or outright falsehoods, can quickly embrace fanaticism. [err, like the fanaticism of the denial lobby these days?]
    So it is with ”global warming,” the secular religion of our day that even has a good number of adherents among people of faith. Having decided to focus less on the eternal and whether anyone dwells there, global warming fundamentalists are pushing planet worship on us in a manner that would make a jihadist proud.

    That ought to be enough to give everyone pause, along with emerging evidence that the global warming jihadists may be more full of hot air than the climate they claim is about to burn us up.

    – Oh dear, the poor lad seems to be almost frothing at the mouth here.
    does, though, insert some truth, in what’s perhaps a Freudian slip:

    One can get a sense of who is telling the truth about global warming by the company the concept keeps.

    – indeed! How often have you noticed the sceptics are supported by energy companies, and/or are died-in-the-wool righties?
    Thomas: Logic of global warming jihadists: So much hot air