Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria

Martin W

Just seen rather loopy piece on the Newsweek feature by group calling itself AIM – Accuracy in Media (“accurate” being from far-right distorted perspective? – front page stories include one explaining “It is fascinating to watch how our liberal media treat the Bush Administration on foreign policy matters.)
Similar to Newsbusters; even refers to the Newsbonkers story as “fascinating”.
Trots out various assertions re warming – could be the sun etc, along with quotes from usual suspects, inc Inhofe, Bob Carter.
Also indulges in some stupid fearmongering re calls for change to slow warming:

What is at stake is our standard of living.

In truth, they are the mud-slingers with a political agenda that threatens the American way of life. This is the fact that they are so desperate to conceal.

– Small-minded, blinkered, blithering idiocy, pandering to gormless right-wingers in the US of A. And with no realisation there is actual science behind global warming – and behind showing sun isn’t sole cause of recent warming.
No awareness there is far more at stake than simply “the American way of life”, whatever that is.
If you’ve a strong stomach, or curious re how global warming hysteria looks in US, see:
Newsweek Burns Truth in Global Warming Story