In addition to the 20 cases reported sunday:

Source ::: AFP

kuwait city • Kuwait has detected 12 new cases of the bird flu strain that is dangerous to humans in poultry at two farms in the emirate, the health ministry said yesterday.

But a first batch of tests carried out on people who had been in contact with infected fowl all proved negative, ministry spokesman Ahmad Al Shatti said. “We have found nine chickens and three turkeys infected with the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease at two locations,” Shatti said.

One was the Wafra farms area on the border with Saudi Arabia, which was one of the places where the strain was first reported on Sunday. The other was in Doha, just west of Kuwait City. Hundred of birds have been culled.

He said that more people who had been in contact with the infected birds were being tested and that the results should be known today. The other cases of the strain confirmed on Sunday were among falcons and captive birds at Kuwait Zoo. The authorities have closed the zoo and the capital’s bird market, and imposed a ban on all imports or exports of poultry products and live birds, including falcons.

There are some eternally repeated phrases spread by the press agencies which makes me very angry (these hollow phrases are everywhere in the world and in each language of same content):

A first batch of tests™”

Comment: The force of expression of “quick tests” may be doubted. These show usually only the presence of an Influenzavirus. Precise subtyping requires a laboratory-diagnostic PCR as an accompanying serological investigation (also the PCR, due to sequencing, saves error potential). Without laboratory-diagnostic security those “quick tests” are comparable with the crystal ball of a fortune teller. Therefore the blind actionism resulting from it is not to be justified.

Bird flu strain that is dangerous to humans™”

Comment: Of course, it is. Around 250 people died as an result of H5N1 infection. However this statement is too general. For the sake of the objectivity an exact view of the conditions would be under which the infections necessarily took place.

The deadly H5N1 strain™”

Comment: The H5N1 hpai Strain is primary deadly for birds. In addition it seems to me as flocks from poultry industry is more sensitively to an infection than free-living, immune-stable wild birds. Still more: Seems that in fact the poultry industry is a cause for the emergence of highly pathogenic viruses. Martin wrote some truth about natural wild bird flus on other place of this forum. In nature highly pathogenic virus mutations arise always only temporarly and mean only a mismatching to a (new) species. Were an stupid situation for an Virus to kill all of his hosts..

xxxxxxx of birds have been culled™”
(x has to be replaced at will by as large a number of birds as possible)

Comment: This “search and destroy” philosophy brings up some collateral damage. The always better method would be “quarantine and watching”. A cause is probably missing realization with many humans. Just like they think that problems can be solved by throwing some bombs on it, they believe in culling viruses. That is foolish: Because either the virus is in nature endemically or not. If it however (when low pathogenic variant) in nature is endemic, then they could culling many chickens as they want. The virus becomes never loose one thereby. Only solution would to kill all birds. Worldwide. But before this happens, I will declare my own, personal war on those who want to do so..

By the way: The IDTVdb (Universal Virus Database of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ICTVdb/ ) contains thousands of several viruses. Because of evolution and mutation – In particular by genetic engineering (“New Science”) – at least a potential risk exists for mankind with each virus listed there. H5N1 is a current, but not the only problem of mankind.

In order to say it again clearly: H5N1 hpai is entirely man-made. To take those poor creatures (poultry flocks and wild birds) as scapegoats which are in fact result (better: Victims) of oeconomic production methods, is the summit of lyingness.

I wanted to have said that once here. Apology if I thereby from the actual topic deviated too much.