David Miliband spreads John Oxfords awful stuff: Found this today http://www.agrarmedien.ch/?page_id=1&l=2&node=1&lvl=&navi_array=1&mod=news&news_id=1252

Great Britain: Search for transmitter As the British environmental minister David Miliband of the BBC on Tuesday said, finding "uppermost priority" has as the H5N1-virus could reach the company. Miliband holds the transmission through a wild bird most probably. About 160 000 turkeys of the enterprise Bernard Matthews had been culled within 48 hours. Around the mast company near getting-clay in the south-east-English earldom Suffolk a three kilometer protected area is valid since the weekend. The British Department of Health, Education and Welfare followed according to BBC-information the council furthermore from experts and increased his stock of the flu medicine Tamiflu. The British authorities keep on assuring, however, that for people hardly a danger exists.

I think it is necessary to find out the lobbyistic background of such "reportings". The blog of David Miliband:

(Take a look at the comments on "Bird Flu" too)

By the Way: New realizations about Tamiflu "Potential Risks Associated with the Proposed Widespread Use of Tamiflu"  Werner