Reply To: Wish: Joomla by coders n webmasters for webmasters

Martin W

and another post to Joomla forum:

Andrew (Eddie – masterchief of Joomla): your post suggests Joomla 1.5 is a giant leap towards realising Joomla – by Coders, for Coders

Seems from your post it’s become some nebulous blob, that’s nothing without other things that third-party developers may or may not create (and, in turn, may at worst abandon).

As I posted above: URLs are fundamental to websites. So too are other aspects of “SEO”; and opinions on what works are far more aligned than you admit to.

Every website has URLs, so if you are to say people can use Joomla to create great websites (not that it’s any longer clear this is the aim of Joomla, what with all these wondrous possibilities for coders), should enable them to have great URLs. Directly; no need for hunting around for third-party components.

Basic aims of fully meeting Google guidelines, and meeting W3C recommendation from 1998, would surely seem straightforward.
– no frippery here, like banners, or “doing LDAP support and competing with Novell”, whatever that means (coders will understand, I know ).
Just the basics. Like coming up with a kit to build a house with walls, roof, windows, and solid foundations (aka, for websites, URLs).

As you buzz with possibilities for this nouveau Joomla, hope you won’t forget about people drawn in by Joomla’s boasts of simplicity as website building software.
– people who just want to take Joomla, and get on with creating websites with minimal faffing about.