Reply To: Mambo and Joomla! – duplicate content problem

Martin W

    kenmcd weighed in with post re conflict of interest, as core Mambo developer selling component that generates SEF URLs. (Since that developer – Saka – has moved to Joomla!, I’ve read of Mambo improving the URLs…)

    I followed with this:

    kenmcd – I’d not mentioned that, tho occurred to me; does seem to me that good URLs should be pivotal for an open source cms.
    [A while ago, I remember someone pointing out that maybe not right to have Mambo “out of the box” demo that relied partly on commercial component, SEF Advance. This wasn’t case last time I checked demo.]

    Here’s hoping that strong URLs become part of the core. Maybe, say, Xaneon with some improvements, if ok w Xaneon developer? Assuming he can be contacted – seems the poor chap all but vanished after lack of pizza.
    (While for people who’d like links to a given item to behave differently, as now – so needing different ids – maybe have as option.
    Or, stick to just one URL, for the power in simplicity.)

    Editing in, lest of interest to people viewing this thread:
    Just added to a wishlist post I made re one URL per item –
    Item on W3C is headed Cool URIs (URLs) don’t change.
    Has some reasoning for this; also potential excuses – like “we just reorganized our website”, “we had to move some files”…
    With top-notch URLs built into Mambo, wouldn’t be extra excuses like: “I run Mambo, and I just upgraded my Mambo version”, “I run Mambo, and just switched to another technique for generating URLs”

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