Reply To: Global warming forecasts: disasters, diseases

Martin W

Not real surprising to anyone familiar with global warming issue. From Food and Agriculture Organisation:

Climate change is emerging as one of the main challenges humankind will have to face for many years to come. It could become a major threat to world food security, as it has a strong impact on food production, access and distribution.

Abnormal changes in air temperature and rainfall and the increasing frequency and intensity of drought and floods have long-term implications for the viability and productivity of world agro-ecosystems.

This was the main message delivered today by Alexander Müller, FAO Assistant Director General, to over 140 world experts convened in Rome for a workshop on “Adaptation Planning and Strategies.”

Agriculture is the sector most affected by changes in climate patterns and will be increasingly vulnerable in the future. Especially at risk are developing countries, which are highly dependent on agriculture and have fewer resources and options to combat damage from climate change.

In the short term, as the global average temperature rises 1-3º C, industrialized countries may well gain in food production potential. However, in lower latitudes — especially in subsistence sectors, marginal, semi-arid and sub-humid regions, where rain fed agriculture is the norm — even with a minimal rise in global temperature crop potential will most probably decline.

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