Reply To: Global warming forecasts: disasters, diseases

Martin W

    Financial Times, on report to be released next week by European Commission:

    A dire set of predictions of the consequences of global warming in Europe is contained in a report for the European Commission. It forecasts that by 2071 climate change will cause droughts and floods that will kill 90,000 people a year while damage from rising sea levels will cost tens of billions of euros.

    Crop yields would rise by up to 70 per cent in northern Europe but fall by up to a fifth in the south, depending on the temperature increase.

    The sea level could rise by up to a metre.

    The ocean would acidify, hitting fish stocks. Fish would also migrate northwards. Droughts and floods would be more severe.

    The report has a hopeful conclusion. A Belgian government study last year found that cutting carbon dioxide emissions in the EU by between 15 and 30 per cent between 1990 and 2020 would have no overall effect on jobs, as new ones would be created in high-technology sectors such as renewable energy. “Reducing global emissions in 2050 to a level that is 25 per cent below that of 1990 is both technically and economically achievable,” the study concludes.

    EU’s grim climate change warning

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