Reply To: Global warming forecasts: disasters, diseases

Martin W

    A report for UK govt, by Sir Nicholas Stern, a former chief economist for the World Bank, tells of massive, extremely expensive potential impacts from global warming – on a par with impacts of world wars or Great Depression. Possible to avert the worst impacts, but only if we take major action (yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen!).

    Potential effects include melting glaciers, rising sea levels – a major cause of displacing millions of people, major extinctions, and severe economic impacts. To avert these, wise to spend on counter-measures, even if around 1% of global GDP.
    Summary – and links to more info – on BBC site at:
    At-a-glance: The Stern Review
    The world has to act now on climate change or face devastating economic consequences, according to a report compiled by Sir Nicholas Stern for the UK government.

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