Reply To: Global warming is well underway

Martin W

    Seems global warming issue is receiving more attention in US, depite the attempts of various people – often with “conservative” political agendas – to befuddle people. Also, perhaps some awareness that US is taking v little action, despite some promises; not surprising when there’s an oil man from Texas at the helm.

    for instance:
    U.S. foot-dragging fuels global warming
    By the time we get proof of climate change, it will be too late to reverse course.

    Time is running out for action on global warming

    Essentially, there is no national leadership. With a White House that bases its economic and foreign policies largely on fossil fuel development, much of the world has turned a blind eye to what this administration says about global warming. And with a Congress hamstrung by fossil fuel lobbyists and a leadership who would rather waste time debating gay marriage, don’t look for any constructive discussions on real issues.
    In response to Washington’s perpetual head in the sand, there is a growing movement by state and local leaders to address global warming.

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