Reply To: Sceptics on global warming a baby-boomer, yuppie thing etc

Martin W

    Just come across webpage that rightly notes:

    Many right wing web sites, and rightwingers trolling around other web sites, make much of the “economic interest” of mainstream scientists in finding that global warming exists and is man-made. Missing from their oddly similar (virtually identical) statements environmentalist bias is any concern at all with who makes up the movement opposing man-made global warming, and where they get their money.

    – continues with info on ExxonMobil funding various global warming sceptics and their organizations.
    Who makes up (& funds) the “opposition” to global warming?

    Gives link to a site ExposeExxon which says:

    As one of the world’s most profitable companies, ExxonMobil has the power to move the world toward a more sustainable energy future. Instead, ExxonMobil has acted consistently to move our country backward on energy policy by opposing efforts to stop global warming, lobbying to drill in America’s most pristine wilderness areas, and failing to promote renewable energy and fuel efficiency.

    – and in turn has a link to a site by Greenpeace: – which has a list of global warming sceptic organizations receiving funding from Exxon, plus more info such as on personnel. Whew! – a long, long list, and some such as Greening Earth Society sound like they might be greenies [info says “A project of the Western Fuels Association founded to promote the idea that global warming is beneficial to the planet.”!!]
    . World Climate Report sounds very grand; but mainly Pat Michaels and some buddies, not all of whom seem too worldly, and with further links to Western Fuels.

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