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    As well as possible connection to H5N1, must also wonder about conservation implications of such projects, especially if occupy significant amounts of natural habitats.

    “Shannan rare wild animal breeding area development projects”

    1, project background and resources

    Shannan area rare wild animal resources extremely rich, only one
    country, more than 700,000 species of animals secondary protection,
    including musk deer, black bear, Malu and Bantouyan, Chek Maya,
    Hemaji, Zangma chickens have easily domesticated characteristics.

    Regional head of the county-owned nature reserve in Tibet only Malu,
    the local people also have artificial domesticated wild Malu
    tradition. Nga eye and the vast majority of natural waters wild
    Bantouyan large number of researchers in this area Forestry Bureau
    two artificial breeding of rare animals made a lot of attempts, made
    significant progress. Second, the content and size of the main

    (a) wild Malu, musk deer, black bear, brown breeding base.

    (b) wild Bantouyan, Chek Maya, Hemaji, Zangma chicken eggs and
    breeding bases. Third, the market analysis

    (1) markets in the region : Because of Sichuan habits, living in
    cities of the Tibetan diet has been basically completely close
    Sichuan, Tibet in recent years coupled with the rapid development of
    tourism, local native products developed enough food, as long
    transportation lines, the high cost of transport, purchase of
    specialty food prices have remained high, Tibet’s native products of
    the food market in the region have great market demand. Thus,
    domesticated and breeding Bantouyan, Malu have better market

    (2) outside the market : the Tibetan wild domesticated animal food
    with clean natural green effect.

    4, investment estimates
    The total investment is expected to reach 600 million.

    5, – benefit analysis
    Artificial domesticated wild animals in addition to providing
    features Game meat, bear bile, musk, velvet and whip, blood products
    and other traditional medicinal herbs are precious and have high
    economic value; Wild poultry high protein, low fat, the meat is
    excellent, the people are like, after finishing the outside market
    can not be belittled.

    6, cooperation
    Business enterprises or sole proprietor holding.

    7, business units : Shannan region of Tibet Forestry Bureau