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    From Richard Thomas of Birdlife International:

    Another batch of Bar-headed Geese farming summaries.

    It’s very interesting that the artificial breeding programme at Qinghai
    Lake has partly changed the species’s migratory habits – it means the
    practice must have been taking place for some time; I wonder how it’s
    changed their habits precisely. It’d be interesting to know what the
    birds are fed on as well: animal feed from the Lanzhou factory

    8 http://www.chinabreed.com/special/205/2006/02/2006022342677.shtml
    “Ngan and management of domesticate”

    This is a relatively detailed analysis of benefits of BHG
    meat/eggs/breeding methods, here is just an outline – Meat protein
    content 20.98% which higher than chicken/beef/pork, eggs can be cooked
    in various ways, feathers can be used for shuttlecocks, down for
    clothing, meat for medicine, can treat cancer (!!!). Behaviour
    migratory (doesn’t say if this a problem in domesticating them), pair
    for life, docile, vegetarian, disease resistant, lay 7-25 eggs, take 31
    days to hatch, m/f hatch in equal numbers when artificially reared, lay
    after 10 days, one every 2/3 days, lay about 15 in first year, increases
    up to 25 in years 2-6. Artificial incubator best, 38-38.5C, gives
    details, also of coop (other article said can be bred outside), food.
    Best sold at over 60 days old…

    9 http://www.nj.qhei.gov.cn/gyly/ysdw-02.shtml

    An artificial hatching centre and semi-underground viewing room has been
    built at Qinghai lake, artificial rearing has partly changed their
    migratory behaviour.

    “Tibetan Nagqu artificial domesticated wild Bantouyan success”

    Following the success in Shannan (southern mountains, ie Yamzho Yumco
    Lake, abt 100 km S of Lhasa) there is now good news from Xainza county,
    Nagqu prefecture (about 300 km NE of Lhasa), 500 BHGs have been bred
    successfully, have met market demand. They are being exploited
    reasonably, protecting a natural resource, great step forward for
    adjustments in husbandry.