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    Notice here – last para – re pollution etc.
    Could indeed be problems here, leading to troubles once H5N1 to area by poultry trade (legal and/or smuggling). Esp as seems poultry farming at same places.

    “Bantouyan off off period for technology”

    Bantouyan While keeping simple, breeding profit higher, but the low
    rate of reproduction, laying a short, and therefore how to extend the
    period allowed in the non-laying season is how to reduce the cost of
    access to key high profits. Next will Bantouyan off perinatal farming
    methods introduced to the reader.

    1. To the water for drought support Although the surface can be
    reduced by breeding Bantouyan cleaning workload, but would lead to
    water pollution, summer water bodies become dark autumn release bad
    odor, severely affecting Bantouyan health. Thus, at its July platoon
    dry off postnatal water, cleansing and disinfection of the pond, then
    the appropriate fish, the water lettuce, etc. for Bantouyan
    consumption. At this time, more shade Bantouyan transferred to
    dryland farming can Yashe (cut to the side wings), and 2 January 2000
    of the wild geese and chickens before one month, then of the wild
    geese and into the water.

    2. Stop illumination, expected to visit Green Bantouyan generally
    begin in December at additional illumination to stimulate their
    chickens, but that should stop illumination on the post-natal,
    maternity or not allowed to prevent its spring. In addition, during
    the off-off, to prevent Bantouyan obesity may be feeding material on
    the Green, to save feed costs. Conditional arrangements should be
    planted in the fall and pasture.

    3. For each species, feed savings Use Bantouyan 3-6 month allowed
    only in the annual, and other types of characteristics for the month,
    when the last batch of eggs End of the wild geese and off, leaving
    part of the high-yield, quality of the wild geese and, when all
    commodities should Ngan sale. When the end of April last Xiaoyan
    incubation loss, the selection of good Xiaoyan When growth of the
    wild geese and retained for 9-10 months to 2 years just after the
    spring, when these Bantouyan have sexual maturity and begin laying.
    Xiaoyan from loss due to the hens used all succulence of the wild
    geese and chickens used as fodder half, and therefore significantly
    save feed.

    4. Good health, vaccination Bantouyan although more
    disease-resistant, little disease, but cats, serious environmental
    pollution, immunity decline, coupled with cross-infection of poultry
    to significantly increase the incidence and therefore should be
    closed off to a vaccination. According to the main vaccination Yawen,
    cholera two of Miao, E. vaccines several major vaccines. Ngan good
    health care while also picked regularly disinfected. Using surface
    culture, but also leave in the summer, and the removal of soil water
    dung, reservoirs be disinfected.