Martin W

    Thanks for this, tho I’m afraid connections here look v tenuous indeed.

    Tehran, say, isn’t so close to rural Turkey. Can’t say a country has smog just coz a city or two have; or should we describe US as blanketed in smog (and wonder re lack of human deaths from bird flu, which of course includes reason that because lack H5N1 there). Or planet earth all smoggy coz a city is?

    Many deaths in places free of smog – this disease mainly hits rural people, not surprisingly as a chicken virus.

    Here in HK, smog worsening; yet poultry controls slashed virus in chickens, and no locally contracted human deaths since 1997.
    China has plenty of very smoggy cities, yet cases largely in rural places.

    Smog indeed terrible – but it’s not bird flu.

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