Could it be, also, that the powers that be (U.N., FAO, OEI, World Bank, et. al..,) prefer NOT to target poultry trade so as to not tip the apple card of economic interests of member states? It’s political and economic suicide to bite the hand that feeds you, eh?

Therefore, wild birds who have no advocate, nor direct financial effect on economic trade get the blame.

The homogeneous nature of the genotype of H5N1 being circulated suggests two possibilties. First, the vector is a pure subtype maintained by poultry trade, or second, is a robust subtype that infects without point mutations over very long distances. Given the information I’ve read on mutations in virri is seems less possible that the H5N1 we see in the majority of isolates being posted (discussed by Dr. Niman) would be so homogeneous if they were being vectored by a purely natural process such as wild bird migration.

Chick transport is akin to bottling a vaccine. Make millions of copies of it, put them in “sterile” containers, and ship around the world..,