Martin W
    To avoid the outbreak of bird influenza in the Trans-Ural in
    connection with the advancing spring season the government of region
    affirmed the comprehensive plan of measures for the prevention of
    drift, propagation and liquidation of the influenza of birds in the
    territory of the Kurgan province, they reported on 14 February to
    correspondent IA regnum in the press- service provincial government.

    In the period of migration and nesting of wild bird provincial
    services after it will organized observation. One additional
    important task will become the inspection of the reservoirs, on which
    dwells the game. The mobile forces created during March of the
    present year will be aimed at frightening off of migratory bird in
    order to prevent by it from being nested near the populated areas,
    since the probability of the contact of wild bird with the relative
    is precisely there great.

    In the Kurgan province the plan of measures for the preventive maintenance of the bird influenza is affirmed