Martin W

The madness continues:

“1 929 crows are killed in the Chelyabinsk province for purposes of the preventive maintenance of the bird influenza”

Action on the shooting of animals and birds in the dangerous regions
continues, they reported IA REGNUM in the press- service of control
Rossel’khoznadzora on the Chelyabinsk province.

From 10 April through 15 May in the territory of the South Urals
acted more than 40 special brigades on the shooting of gray crows,
deserted cats and dogs. It was begun to operate in the different time
from 126 to 259 people, who have the permission of okhotnadzora to
the shootings.

In the time of action were killed 1 929 gray crows, 252 deserted dogs
even 24 deserted cats. The corpses of the destroyed birds and animals
were utilized in the established by veterinarians order.

During the conducted operation bird influenza in the territory of the
Chelyabinsk province registered was not.