Martin W


On the third day after the discovery of the spring season of hunting provincial authorities published order "about taking of measures for warning of the spread of the influenza of birds in the territory of Novosibirskaya Oblast". In it it is discussed the organization of mobile groups and special brigades of hunters on the shooting of the wild planktonic birds. … Traditionally birds rest in the southwestern part of Novosibirskaya Oblast – Dovolenskeye, Zdvinskeye, Baganskeye, Kupinskeye, Chanovskeye, Krasnozerskeye regions. The primary task of mobile groups and special brigades of hunters – not to allow the contact of poultry with ptakhami migratory. They are provided for this and work on frightening off of those be planktonicing from the reservoirs – the specially trained people will actively make noise – and the shooting of bird. At this time obizhennye with the limited quantity of licenses and by prohibition to the shooting of the planktonic bird the hunters will nevertheless "fire", in spite of prohibition. To a question, as control of the disturbers will be achieved, the Deputy Department Chief Of rossel’khoznadzora for NSO Aleksey Sevostyan answered: – as always! In the places of nesting birds special control with the attraction of the colleagues OF MVD will be achieved. To the period of the discovery season in them is conducted the operation "hunter". Furthermore, we are intended directly "at the places" to continue to conduct explanatory work with the hunters….