Martin W

Seems there is madness sweeping through too much of Russia.

“Staff approached the work”

On 28 March took place the first session of staff on the opposition
of propagation in the territory of the Chelyabinsk province of bird
influenza. The work of staff headed the first deputy governor Andrey

Since the beginning of the year the veterinary
services of region conducted more than 5,4 thousand diagnostic
studies. Thus far bird influenza is not discovered in the territory
of region. However, specialists await appearance in the
yuzhnoural’skikh lakes of the migratory bird in two weeks.
Frightening off and shooting of birds in a radius of 50 km from the
populated areas will be organized in the territory of region. Will be
organized 100-150 brigades, which will be under the tight control of
news its shooting and utilization. Extensive explanatory work will be
carry ouied among the population of region, since in this year will
be forbidden not only the hunting the planktonic bird, but also the
free enclosure of poultry.