Martin W

“They will destroy wild birds in the Chita province for training purposes”

On 25 April in the Chita province start the two-day commanding staff
studies of summary epizootic force on the fight with the bird
influenza. As they reported to the correspondent IA REGNUM in the
provincial administration of veterinary science, study they will pass
in the territory of Chita region – in the village Makkaveyevo.

Spacing system for the transport will be introduced during the
studies, the capture of vagrant birds and their utilization is
organized, the process of the vaccination of poultry is demonstrated,
are shown methods in the non-admission of contact on the reservoirs
of wild bird with the relative and further. In the opinion of
organizers, study they will make it possible to be convinced of the
readiness of the specialized services for the fight against the
outbreak of disease in the territory of Transbaykal.